Measles warning: Melbourne locations flagged as potentially infectious
The state’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Brett Sutton has warned Victorians to be alert to possible signs of illness as those infected frequented various Melbourne and Ballarat locations between September 6 and September 13. Dr Sutton said they may have exposed others on the train between Armadale and Southern Cross station or at Collins Street, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Ikea Richmond and Federation University in Ballarat.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission publish important guide to SCAMs
Scammers pretending to be from the ATO will typically approach you by phone or email and spin a range of tall tales to trick you into handing over your personal details or money. A common tax time scam involves scammers claiming that you have overpaid your tax and are entitled to a refund, but that you have to pay a tax or administration fee upfront in order for the money to be released. 

St Peter’s College Old Boys Union NSW musical Evening at The Don Moore Community Centre
There was Golden Gleam, when Peterites on Parade, a talented collection of old Peterite musicians, who have performed with renowned bands like the Jetliners, Spitfires and Fireflies in Sri Lanka, kicked off the event and it did not take long for our dance revelers to fill the floor.  They were closely followed by DJ Shankster, who enticed the millennial’s on to the dance floor with his selection of contemporary music.  The surprise for the evening was old Peterite, Conrad de Silva, all the way from Melbourne, who stormed the stage to rousing applause from the floor. The evening progressed with dancing to the delightful music of the Peterites on Parade and DJ Shankster.