Looking after your Diabetes to prevent complications
When you have diabetes, your blood glucose levels tend to be consistently high unless properly controlled with medication, diet and exercise. Overtime, such increased levels of blood sugar damage your body and lead to many other problems. Normally, your blood sugar should be maintained fasting for 8 hours to an average level of about 100mg/dl. When it reaches the upper limit of 126 mg/dl you get into the stage of ‘Pre-diabetes”, a stage you could reverse to normal situation with diet alone. After eating a non-diabetic will reach a level of 140mg /dl and diabetics should aim to keep the blood sugar level at about the same level.

Visakhians of NSW Celebrate the 100th Birthday 
The stylish Grand ballroom of the Epping club was decorated in hues of blue and gold in representation of the school colours to welcome the three hundred or so guests which mostly consisted of past pupils of Visakha Vidyalaya with their partners and friends. After a sumptuous three course meal, prizes and surprises the celebrations and merriment continued on till the wee hours of the night. Thanuja Wijesekara of Eye & The Beauty another past pupil captured special moments of the night with her camera skills. 

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