White Rice can be manipulated for slower digestion and cut down on calories
Rice goes through a variety of processes before it’s ready for cooking. After harvesting, the seeds are run through a rice huller/husker for milling to remove the outer grain husks. After this process, you're left with brown rice. The light brown colour is due to the presence of the bran layers and the embryo or germ. Red rice also contains bran. Bran contains pigment compounds which imparts the colours. The term parboiled rice is used in optional processing step prior to milling. To create white rice, there are added steps. The germ and the inner husk (bran) are removed the grain is then polished, usually using glucose or talc.

Men who eat candy and chocolates live longer
So says Jeffrey Steingarten in his book, It Must’ve Been Something I Ate, which I happened to read one fine hungry day. He is also the bestselling author of The Man Who Ate Everything, as if voracious (read: gluttonous) readers didn’t know. Reagan lived till he was 93. “Candy eaters live longer than candy haters, “says Steingarten who cites a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health following the eating habits of 7,841 older men for five years.The study also suggests that eating chocolates is good for us. Chocolates have flavanols, which are also plentiful in green tea and red wine, two foods said to be anti-cancer and anti-heart disease.


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