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The hall was beautifully decorated in shades of purple and silver. The flickering of tea lights and candles, from the glass frosted jars topped with silver poinsettias, and purple trimmings lived up to the theme of the function – “YULE TIDE GLOW”. The elegantly presented tables added to the ambience of the surroundings with white table linen and royal purple runners to add to the festive theme. All this contributed to a night focused on the season of Christmas. As is customary with all Methodist College functions, the College flag in its striking green and white colors hung proudly on the stage as a reminder of traditions from yesteryear. Once the guests entered the venue, the events proceeded with meticulous precision, skillfully handled by the Master of Ceremonies for the night, Mr. Duke Ramachandran. Duke kept the audience entertained the whole night, with his exhilarating brand of compeering.

Social Event by “Piumki Hill” Designer Saree Blouses
The event was held under her fashion label “Piumki Hill” and the aim of the event was to showcase the designs and services offered by Piumy for the Sri Lankan/Indian/Australian communities in Sydney. Those who participated in the event were in their elegant saree blouses and occasional wear designed by Piumy. The guests got the opportunity to enjoy Piumy’s latest designs of saree blouses, made-up sarees and occasional wear and they were appreciative of Piumy’s services that are provided at reasonable and affordable prices.
The photography of the event was done by RoyGrafix, sarees were provided by Tari - six yards of beauty and the music and vocals by Oneli Ranasinghe.

When You Get Cramping And Bloating
Most people seems to ignore these chronic gastric upsets, or when they feel better by taking some antacids or other over the counter medications. There are others who feel embarrassed to talk about their symptoms and put off resolving them. Your doctor will investigate on your visit if you have any chronic recurrent gastro-intestinal upset and he will take immediate measures to find out the cause. There are two conditions to evaluate; they are coeliac disease and Irritable bowel Syndrome (IBS). Your doctor will do a physical examination and request for barium meal studies, endoscopies (gastroscopy and colonoscopy), stool examination and blood studies for screening. He will ask you to keep eating food containing gluten, such as food cooked with wheat, barley and Rye, etc. A bowel biopsy may be done to confirm diagnosis.