Cutting Down On Meat Means Cutting Down On Unhealthy Fat
Studies have shown that eating red meat and saturated fats frequently, increases the chance of your getting cancer. The fat in animal foods can increase hormone levels in the blood, and the pesticides and hormones found in some of these foods may also fuel cancer growth. Animal foods are also devoid of fibre, and low-fibre diets are associated with a higher risk of cancer.

Sydney poetess Annette Gunasekera
It was a dream come true for Sydney poetess Annette Gunasekera, a very active participant in many Sri Lankan regular literary and community work happening in Sydney. Whether it is a matter of writing a set of poems to a Sydney publication or reciting one in a public function Annette is seen committed. This may be the first time in the world songs are written by a mother, a grand mother and a mother in law in appreciating her family and extended family members, in this fashion.

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