Alcohol and Its Health Benefits
Research and studies reveal that alcohol’s link with health is a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Exactly which face it shows depends on who’s drinking and how much. Most people who drink two or less alcoholic beverages seem to benefit in overall health, including cardiovascular health especially in the middle age when heart disease begins to account for an increasing incidence of morbidity and mortality, while those who drink more are liable to run the risk of colon and breast cancer

SLA NSW 2018 Winter Ball - A Night of Compassion in aid of Foodbank NSW & ACT
The theme of this event was called “A Night of Compassion” and the aim was to raise funds to fight hunger especially among those poverty-stricken Australians who are unable to spend money on nutritious foods and their children go to school hungry. According to Mr Gerry Anderson, CEO Foodbank one in five children in Australia go to school hungry and they are unable to concentrate on the lessons as they are uncomfortable and looking for food. Therefore, their study performance suffers, and they don’t do as well as the children who come well fed to school.

University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW Inc hosted a dinner dance, “Colombo Night 2018”
The University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW Inc hosted a dinner dance, “Colombo Night 2018”, on the 23rd of June 2018 at Roselea Community Centre, to raise funds for scholarships for University of Colombo undergraduates who experience financial hardships. “Colombo Night 2018” was attended by 350 guests who enjoyed music from the Band Mystery with exceptionally talented Nalin Thamel, Dulip Jayakody, and other gifted musicians. The guests enjoyed a relaxing night of dancing, great meals and good company, many made positive comments on the excellent work by the organisers.