Sri Lankan Catholics in Sydney celebrate the May Feast of Our Lady and Pentecost Day
The celebrations commenced with the Holy Rosary followed by the recitation of the Litany of Our Lady in the classical Sinhalese chanting style which brought back fond memories particularly among the older folk in the congregation. This was followed by Holy Mass and finally a procession carrying the beautifully decorated statue of Our Lady.  The choir did a brilliant job in maintaining a prayerful mood among the congregation throughout the celebration. The prayers recited and the hymns sung were in all three languages of the Sri Lankan community, Sinhalese, Tamil and English, which added to the spirit of unity and friendship among people. 

Obesity And Over-Eating
It is the low fat, very high carbohydrate diet that we all eat that causes the obesity which raises levels of the hormone insulin stimulating the fat cells to accumulate fat and calorie overdrive. Insulin could be the ultimate fat cell fertiliser, according to David Ludwig.When you eat too many carbs per meal more insulin is secreted by the pancreas and sent out into the blood stream to courier blood glucose to the fat cells and the liver. If you don't have enough insulin secreted as in diabetes the fat cells may not get sufficient to store. So, it is the insulin that is the culprit for obesity. Insufficient insulin secretion as in type 1 diabetes you tend to lose weight until insulin therapy is commenced. Under normal situation cutting down on sugars is the quickest way to reduce weight as the demand for insulin is very much less.


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