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Do cooking oils produce trans-fat on repeated usage?'
Dr Chris Pulle of BWFF forum states, “My guess is that Virgin or not, coconut oil must not be re-used, since it might contain "trans-fats" that are the real killer and give coconut oil (being the most saturated of oils) a bad name” Dr Pulle’s comment inspired me to write this article. We know that trans fats are harmful to the body. On June 16, 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came to a decision to ban artificial trans fats in the U.S. food supply.  They do occur naturally in some foods, such as meat and dairy products. There is a difference between naturally occurring trans-fat and artificially produced trans fats, like in Margarine, used for frying, baked goods, confections and as spreads on bread.

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - Cancer Council’s most popular fundraising event
On this theme…On Sunday 3 June,  A “Biggest Morning Tea” was hosted by well- wishers to contribute to this great cause at a residence in West Pennant Hills NSW. The event was a resounding success in terms of Cancer Council’s mission; and exceeded the hosts’ expectations with closer to $5500.00 in cash donations to date. More than 120 people gave up their Sunday morning responsibilities to attend the BMT with amazing support in kind & in cash donations.