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Peradeniya University Alumni Association of NSW Hantana Night 2014
The function was attended by nearly 300 guests and among them were the renowned Sri Lankan theatre artists and TV personalities Dr. Jayalath Manoratna, Nissanka Diddeniya, Rodney Warnakula and Madhini Malwattage. The music was provided by Desmond de Silva and the Impressions. The functions started with a beautiful dance from the ‘Peradeniya littlies’, the young children of recent Peradeniya graduates. The entertainment continued with comedy and song presentations from the Sri Lankan artists and a young Indian dance team.  The outgoing President Dr Lakshman Randeniya and the incoming President Dr. Malini Arumugam addressed the audience and described the achievements of the association over the past year. They both thanked the audience for their continuing support.

Nalandians in Sydney publish their Sri Lankan business and services directory seventh edition
The directory presents an excellent opportunity for businesses and community services organisations to promote their services especially in the state of New South Wales. Copies of the directory will be available soon from most Sri Lankan businesses for free distribution.

The directory was launched by offering the first copy to the acting Consul General Miss. Yasara Abeynayake in the presence of representatives from Nalandians In Sydney.

Don't Eggs On Eggless Diet - Weekly article on health by Dr. Harold Gunatillake
Each egg contains 5.53 g of protein. Proteins in other foods are assessed taking proteins in the eggs as the standard. Selenium: protects cells from oxidative damage, maintains the immune system and aids thyroid gland function. Fat is found exclusively in the yolk. Only 28% of which are saturated fats and the rest is in the form of healthy unsaturated fats. Liver uses the saturated fats in food and converts into cholesterol, and discards the naturally found dietetic cholesterol and excreted through bile. This would be the reason why eggs are considered good for you, as they do not affect the cholesterol score in your blood. In fact eating eggs improve lipoprotein profiles for patients with metabolic syndrome. A person develops metabolic syndrome when he/she has three or more of the following risk factors: High triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, large waistline, increased blood sugar, high blood pressure