“Lanka Vision” honored with the best Regional Recognition Award for brand excellence
“Lanka Vision” is a house hold name in Australia and the Brand Name of the Yasiru Multimedia Pty Ltd, in Sydney, a multi facet media and entertainment company specialising  Sri Lankan entertainment products around the globe since 1980. As you are aware, we are the largest Sri Lankan overseas entertainment company and pioneering company of Overseas Sri Lankan entertainment including Stage productions, Film & TV productions, TV & Radio broadcasting and Event Management.

Insulin Resistance
Insulin is a hormone secreted in specific cells called islet cells in the pancreas gland lying behind your stomach, in the upper part of your abdomen. Its function, among other things, is to secrete the hormone to match the number of carbs and soluble sugars you consume. If you eat too much of carbs and sweets daily, you do strain the pancreas to secrete more, and that situation insulin could become resistant in acting towards excessive blood sugar.

DSSC Golden Jubllee Dance 2017 (Updated album)
Pictures of the Gala event, DSSC Golden Jubilee Ball 2017 is online now. The event was organised by Black & Gold of NSW and was held at Hornsby RSL Club on the 21st of October 2017 with a gathering of over 300 distinguished guests and well wishers. Funds raised at the event will be used to assist a number of  under privileged students in Sri Lanka in their education.