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Dear Readers - After over 750 covers in 12 years, we will discontinue ESTYLE in Jan. 2015 in order to reduce our workload. We congratulate all who appeared on ESTYLE and thank our wonderful photographers for their superb contributions.

Ananda College Old Boys Association announce their new committee for 2015

Let's Talk About Fatty Livers - weekly article on health
Fatty livers are linked to obesity and with increase in obesity in a population, fatty livers become more prevalent. This condition leads to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The high incidence of fatty liver among the rural and less affluent people could be attributed to the high incidence of malnutrition among them. Among the city dwellers obesity, excessive use of toxicity from prescribed medication, alcoholism and diabetes may be the causes of fatty livers. Influence of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in Sri Lanka (ref J. Gastroenterol Hepatol 2013 Jan 28 by Kasturiratne, Weerasinghe, Dassanayake, Rajindrajith, de Silva, Kato, Wickremasinhe and HJ de Silva), diagnosed ultrasonically have increased risk of developing diabetes mellitus. Further they observe that intervention for NAFLD through lifestyle modification may prevent progression of the current diabetes epidemic.

Bellbirds Gala New Year’s Eve Ball - Sydney’s premier social event
The Bellbirds Club New Year’s Eve Ball 2014 is the premier social event of the season. It is the only end-of-year gala dinner dance to be held in Sydney in 2014 and the venue will be The Epping Club, 45-47 Rawson Street in Epping, commencing at 7.00 PM for hot and cold canapés and pre-dinner drinks served on arrival. Since 2013, the ever popular end-of-year ballroom celebration moved to the more glamorous location of The Epping Club with its magnificent chandelier, spacious dance floor and friendly, hospitable staff. If last year’s much lauded event is anything to go by, then the Bellbirds 2014 New Year’s Eve Grand Ball is the one and only place you have to be to usher in 2015, enjoying, at the same time, Sydney’s famous harbour side fireworks display on giant TV screens around the dance floor.