Brand new music video for ‘Love Dressed Down’ from bona fide soul queen Shannen Wick

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By Jasmine Giuliani

Shannen Wick, the formidable lead woman of Melbourne’s favourite soul band Fulton Street, debuts a compelling music video for her breakthrough single ‘Love Dressed Down’. The film clip artfully explores the slow disintegration of a long term relationship.

Directed by Michael Irwin (Valiant Film Company), the ‘Love Dressed Down’ film clip was conceptualised by Michael and Shannen, and shot over 5 days. The video clip is shot from Shannen’s perspective and mirrors the storytelling structure of the song, with events running backwards in time. 

The clip opens on an exterior shot of a window with the blinds drawn before Shannen opens the blinds and the camera moves into a shared bedroom, where her partner lies sleeping. The quiet glances around the room hint that the audience is seeing the inner workings of a relationship. 

Silence is broken by Shannen powerfully singing in acapella, then, by the rhythmic heartbeat of a skipping record player. The audience is transfixed by the emotion on Shannen’s face. This beautifully rendered moment is intimately known to anyone who has experienced it – the moment you realise you are falling out of love with your partner.

The clip then cuts between moody scenes of the couple fighting in the street and sparkling, warm-toned scenes of the couple on a date. Moments of togetherness are sharply contrasted by moments of disappointment, giving both the protagonist Shannen and the audience a sense of foreboding.

Then, the blinds drop closed and the room is enveloped by darkness. This darkness seems to follow Shannen as she restlessly wanders the streets, where street lamps and city lights fade to black around her. 

Suddenly, as both the song and the film clip reach a climax, Shannen’s partner stands before her pleadingly. The song cuts out in a dramatic pause as Shannen contemplates her next move.

Suddenly light and sound return as Shannen moves forward. As she steps towards her partner, the audience is left with the feeling that something has changed. This time, forgiveness might not be enough.

The ‘Love Dressed Down’ film clip utilises symbolism, lighting and creative effects to depict moments of deep feeling. Notably, the male protagonist remains obscure throughout the clip, allowing the audience to empathise with Shannen’s perspective. The end result is an atmospheric, artistic and deeply relatable portrait of an intimate relationship coming to an end.

The debut single and music video from Shannen Wick showcase her remarkable talent as she confidently moves into the next phase of her music career.

Watch the ‘Loved Dressed Down’ film clip here:
SHANN.N – Love Dressed Down (Official Music Video)

For press inquiries, interviews, or additional information, please contact:

MEDIA CONTACT: Michael Matthews Media


MOBILE: +61 418 536 637

CONTACT NAME: Shannen Wick

CONTACT PHONE: +61 420 810 835


With her rich songwriting and powerful vocal abilities, Shannen Wickremasinghe is reminiscent of the energetic queens of soul music past. Known as the leading lady and founder of Melbourne soul band Fulton Street, Shannen is a key player in the thriving Melbourne music scene.

Starting her singing career at a young age in the National Children’s Choir, Shannen went on to study at the David Jaanz School of Singing for eight years, under the guidance of vocal coach extraordinaire Tania G, performing at venues such as Ormond Hall and Chapel Off Chapel.

In 2012, Shannen founded Fulton Street. As a singer-songwriter and manager, she has gone on to lead the band through thriving residencies and successful shows at Melbourne’s most iconic live music venues. Fulton Street has received radio play on Triple J, ABC, Triple R and PBS, and played at festivals such as Riverboats Festival, Moomba Festival, Boogie Festival, Tasmanian Wine Festival, Caloundra Music Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, St Kilda Festival, Melbourne Music Week, Stonnington Jazz Festival, as well as Bluesfest sideshow support slots.

In 2019, Shannen started her own independent record label, Stoic Records, with long-term band member and friend Jamie Stroud. Stoic Records is devoted to promoting diverse voices from across the community, already having six releases under their belt from artists such as Lauren Brydie, Mama T, Dive Team 5 and Yirgjhilya.

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