Your best friends are within you

By Dr Harold Gunatillake The human gut microbiota is now recognized as an important partner of the host, as it is believed to affect not only the functions of the […]

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

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Climate changes and perils to our health

By Dr Harold Gunatillake Is there any hope for mankind? Australian National University professor Mark KennyToday he writes about the frustration many Australians feel at the government’s refusal to face […]

Do we need a third COVID-19 vaccine Booster?

A vaccine booster program is being explored in the UK. “It’s quite likely that, like the flu, we might be getting a different vaccine next year.” “Vaccines protect you and […]

What is the need to consume Fish oil Capsules?

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What do the kidneys do for you?

“Doctor, lately, I feel tired and have less energy. I have a dry itchy skin and have sleepless nights. I pass sufficient more frequent urine, but I find that it […]