Sinhalese Cultural Centre is Acquiring a Property in Seven Hills

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The Sinhalese Cultural Centre is currently in the process of acquiring a property in Seven Hills to establish the Sinhalese Cultural Centre. The details are are as follows.

Message from the Sinhalese Cultural Centre Team …..

This is a great news for our Sinhalese/Sri Lankan community in Sydney, NSW as it forms a Community Hub bringing many benefits to our generations and many future generations to come.

The Sinhalese Cultural Centre currently has $130K+ cash reserves to be used for this acquisition. However, we have a funding deficit of around $60K.

We all know that the community supported us to come this far by supporting our fundraising activities and donations including JanaShakthi Contributions and General Donations.

For JanaShakthi Contributions, please refer to the information provided in the Sinhalese Cultural Centre website (Click Here).

General Donations can be made through Ozlanaka Community Crowdfunding Campaign. Please click here to make a General Donation.

Please note that all the donations to our Public Fund are Tax Deductible.

Your support for the Sinhalese Cultural Centre is greatly appreciated.

Sinhalese Cultural Centre Team

Contact: Nihal – 0417 660646, Daya – 0408 228435, Pramuk – 0425 358508, Upul – 0425 272 945, Susil – 0410 168572

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One Response

  1. When a donation is made to public account as a bank transfer, donor cannot type or give their email contacts and details to SCC for receiving a formal receipt. This can slow down receiving donations as many people do not have PayPal accounts.

    You should promote the “Ozlanka Community Crowdfounding Campaign” as it is possible to pay through paypal and realise that other people have spent. It is very difficult to fill out the form and send an email, you should fill out everything in one spot so it is much easier to manage. This will also allow for you to provide a unique ID that can be put into the transaction name for the bank transfer. Normally the harder something is to complete the less likely someone it to actually complete it. Thus you need to focus on stream lining it. The easier it is to donate the more likely people are to do it.

    The use of different websites makes everything tricky to keep track. There is no central place to make it easy to find it easily. If you go to the SCC website it has no mention just that you can donate. The SCC website donation page just has a generic donation and no indication of it. If you check the Ozlanka page there are multiple pages but it is not super easy to see how to pay. If you search through google it is hard to find the SCC donation page for this. If you made it easier to find by searching, then people can search, find and donate much more easily.

    Using emails to advertise is less common as most inbox will try to filter these out. You don’t have any easy way to share this on social media or to others. Sometime a simple thing like something you can share on Social Media will help drive it. You might be able to use the fundraiser options . These would let you encourage others to try reach the goal. That way it gain more visibility and with more exposure they would be more likely to donate.

    You should have goals with what the extra money will do, so that way once the goal has been reached people will still want to donate. Such as 20% deposit reached -> lower interest rates. Look at kickstarter as an example with stretch goals

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