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Sinhalese Cultural Centre Air-Conditioning Upgrade Fundraiser

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Sinhalese Cultural Centre - Our Community Hub
The Sinhalese Cultural Centre is the Community Hub initiative for all of us in Sydney, initiated by the Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW with the excellent support from the wider Sinhalese community in Sydney.
Sinhalese Cultural Centre Air-Conditioning Upgrade Fundraiser
We need to upgrade the Air Conditioning System at SCC Urgently. We need your contribution to make this happen!
Your Contribution is key to Success!
Your contribution is the key to the success of the Sinhalese Cultural Centre! Please support as best as you can!

The Sinhalese Cultural Centre (SCC) at 28 Cacia Ave, Seven Hills is a community hub, initiated by the Sinhalese Cultural Forum of NSW. It is being supported by the wider Sinhalese community in Sydney for the benefit of all communities in our multicultural society. The SCC is an excellent facilitator of cultural and social needs of our community for generations to come.

Many community groups are using the facility for their activities. The users include the SCF main organisation, Sinhala schools, senior groups, youth groups, Writers Guild, dancing/music/drama groups, University Alumni groups and many more.

Currently there is an urgent need to upgrade the air-conditioning system as the existing system is unable to manage the current hot weather. The SCC is seeking community financial assistance for this upgrade as the current very high interest rates are causing the SCC financial challenges.

The air-conditioning system upgrade is estimated to cost around $3500. The SCC would be greatly appreciative of any contributions made by members of the community to this fundraiser enabling the SCC to proceed with this urgent upgrade as soon as possible.

The Sinhalese Cultural Centre is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Hence all of your donations to our Public Fund will be tax deductible.

Please use the following form to make your contribution. Even when you contribute using the payment method “Bank Transfer”, it is important to use the form below, so that we receive the accurate information of the contribution.

Note that with the “Paypal” payment method, you can use any major credit card OR a Paypal account to make your contribution.

Sinhalese Cultural Centre Air-Conditioning Upgrade Fundraiser

$1,500 of $3,500 raised
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You can make a donation by making a bank transfer directly to the Sinhalese Cultural Center Public Fund. The Public Fund bank account details are as follows.

Please include your first name and the Initial of the Last name in the Transaction Detail so that we can easily identify your donation in the bank statements.

Please note that all the Donations are Tax Deductible. We will send you a formal receipt by email.


Once you deposit the donation, please send an email to (provide your name, email address and the contact phone no)

Once the donation is received, the Sinhalese Cultural Centre will issue you a receipt for your donation.

Donation Total: $100.00

Anonymous User

Nalin Karunatilake

$1,000.00 21 December 2023
Anonymous User

Madhuri Arampatta

$100.00 20 December 2023

Air Conditioner

Anonymous User


$100.00 20 December 2023
Anonymous User

Daya Siriwardena

$100.00 20 December 2023
Anonymous User

Nihal Fernando

$200.00 14 December 2023