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Your contribution is important to keep us going!
Ozlanka Community Website is run by the volunteers on behalf of the community. Still there are many expenses. Your contribution is important to keep this vital service going!

Ozlanka Community website ( was established in 1999 by the distinguished community member Imtiaz Issadeen. Imtiaz always fascinated by technology and kept going serving the Sri Lankan community in Sydney voluntarily for unbroken 20 years. In 2019, Ozlanka was transferred to the Sinhalese Cultural Centre, Not-for-Profit organisation, a Registered Charity in Australia NSW, to continue the community service to the Sri Lankan Community in Sydney. The Sinhalese Cultural Centre operates Ozlanka as an independent entity continuing the service for the community and expect to serve for many years to come.

Ozlanka community website operates for all Sri Lankans in Sydney, NSW including Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher communities. Ozlanka hosts the community event calendar, publishes local news of interest to the community, accommodates sharing photos and videos in particular from community events, hosts community publications, publishes latest Sri Lanka news and current affairs and much more.

Ozlanka community website is primarily run by Volunteers. However, there are significant costs to maintain this service for the community. Hence the event publishers are requested to make a specified contribution based on the type of event as follows.

1. A non-ticketed event by an association, a community group or an individual – Free!

  (Examples: Meetings, seminars, book launches, food fairs, Food takeaway fundraisers, sporting events etc)

2. A ticketed event by a registered Not-for-Profit organisation – $50

  (Examples: Musical shows, concerts, Dinner Dances, films etc)

3. A ticketed event by any other organisation or an individual – $100

   (Examples: Musical shows, concerts, Dinner Dances, films etc)

If you have any query on the contributions, you can contact us through

A receipt will be issued for all the contributions from Ozlanka Services (An entity of The Sinhalese Cultural Centre, a Registered Charity in Australia).

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