Carilingford Vidarshana Buddhist Vihara Katina Ceremony

By Leonard Wanaguru Vidarshana Buddhist Vihara Carlingford, celebrated Katina Ceremony at North Rocks Senior Citizens Centre on 15th October. Buddha himself has praised the Katina-Dana as the foremost of all alms.”Sanghassa-Dinnam Katinam Aggam, Buddhena […]

Hunter Valley Weekend Outing of PUAAN

By Peradeniya University Alumni Association of NSW Inc. 11,12 and 13 November 2022 were very special days for PUAAN PUAAN’s signature event ‘The Hunter Valley Retreat’ was in full swing. […]

NSW Religious Leaders Unite to End Domestic Violence

Tuesday, 22 November 2022 More than 70 prominent religious leaders representing all major faiths have today signed a declaration with the NSW Government to help end domestic violence.The declaration, which […]

Language No Barrier for NSW Police Force

Monday, 14 November 2022 The NSW Police Force now has access to one of the country’s most extensive translating and interpreting services, capable of offering round the clock assistance in […]