The most anticipated day for the devotees of Lankaramaya Schofields arrived today! For almost the last one year they toiled by raising funds, contributing in various forms to complete the ‘Dharmasalawa’ at the temple. It was completed and amidst of thousands of devotees was opened by banthes of the temple and banthes invited for the occasion. 

The key was handed over to the president of Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Association (SLBVA) by the Project Manager of the building which was eventually presented to the Chief incumbent Rev Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi on a silver tray. The door was opened amidst of repeated ‘Sadu, Sadu … ‘chanting of the devotees witnessing the event with much devotion.

To add to the glory of this historical event a pure white alabaster Buddha statue, received from Sri Lanka was placed under the shade of Bodhi and unveiled by banthes.

This was the completion of stage one of this building which comprises an open hall with 561 sq m.

The design was done to replicate a traditional ‘Bana Maduwa’ (Perching Hall) in a Sri Lankan Buddhist building complex, with wide open veranda around the main hall. The roof profile is very much with the Sri Lankan ‘Kandian’ architectural style with shallow pitched roof around veranda and steep pitched roof above main hall. Instead of raked ceiling in the traditional architectural work a flat acoustical ceiling was provided to cope with the colder climate and to conserve energy in heating.

The ancillary building housing kitchen, toilets and rest rooms will be the Stage two.

A book written by Ven Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero, ‘Samma Sambuddho’ written in Sinhala and English was launched and distributed.

‘Pirith’ chanting was done by participating banthes throughout the ceremony and few short speeches were given by the President SLBVA and other scholars highlighting the value of a Dharmasalawa which will be the centre for spreading the word of Buddha. Buddha himself has said “The gift of Dhamma (knowledge) surpasses all other gifts’    

At the end participants were treated with traditional ‘Kiribath’ and ‘Lunumiris’

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