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The Diversity of Sri Lankan Wildlife by Jayantha Jayewardene. Reviewed by Amali Senanayake


This is a refreshingly new type of book on Sri Lanka 's wildlife. It is different from the usual books on Sri Lankan wildlife, which generally have more pictures than text in that the strength of this book is its text. The text and its content of facts and figures is definitely the thing of value.  The colour pictures only help to enhance the text which is rich in information about Sri Lankas well known and little known wild animals and plants. There are comprehensive descriptions of the national parks, wetlands and other wilderness areas.

The book carries a host of information on each species from elephants through birds and butterflies to freshwater fish. It has 38 chapters in 220 pages which deal with both the fauna and flora found on the island. It has quite a few surprises for those who thought they knew everything about Sri Lankan wildlife.

The author brings together his wide experience and knowledge of Srilankan fauna and flora gathered from the time he was a schoolboy, through the many years spent in different parts of the country both as a tea planter and when he was in the Mahaweli Development Project.

This book is a must, not only for Sri Lankans, but all those who love Sri Lanka and are interested in the island's wildlife.


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