SAREE, The stunning new novel by Su Dharmapala

Eresha De Zoysa

From the writer of the best selling novel, The Wedding Season, comes another remarkable masterpiece that warms your soul, shocks you to your core and makes you fall in love with a beautiful, yet war-torn, Sri Lanka and its people.

Through the vividly enchanting and intertwined stories of six people, each touched by a beautiful and precious saree, Su Dharmapala transports us through time to Sri Lanka, India and Australia, where we experience the stories of extreme loss, incredible strength, courage and resilience, as well as a remarkable love that spans decades.

The central character in this novel is Nila, a young girl who finds her calling as a saree maker in an attempt to follow her dreams and escape a life of being unappreciated, unloved and unaccepted by her family back home. In the haven of her teacher's sanctuary, she discovers the liberating feelings of love and hope whilst weaving the most beautiful and intricate silk, a silk which goes on to transform the lives of those people it touches, freeing each of them from the insufferable pain and loss they must endure.

The characters in this novel are complex and genuine - searching for their own inner peace, whether because they are consumed and haunted by their own terrible choices, unable to find their innate ability to love and accept true love or desperately searching for their life's purpose.

This novel explores in a very sophisticated way the feelings of oppression and animosity, as well as of forgiveness, kindness, understanding and the ultimate freedom.

A truly exquisite and magical masterpiece, this novel is absolutely a must-read for anyone who loves being hooked from the first page to the very last word.


Six lives, six loves and a precious garment that binds them all …

Nila wasn’t born beautiful and is destined to go through life unnoticed… until she becomes a saree maker. As she works, Nila weaves into the silk a pattern of love, hope and devotion, which will prove to be invaluable to more lives than her own.

From the lush beauty of Sri Lanka, ravaged by bloody civil war, to India and its eventual resting place in Australia, this is the story of a precious saree and the lives it changes forever.

Nila must find peace, Mahinda yearns for his true calling, Pilar is haunted by a terrible choice, Sarojini doubts her ability to love, Madhav is a holy fraud and Marion’s understanding of the very meaning of love is challenged and transformed. Each teeters between joy and pain.

But as each character comes into contact with the saree, they are transformed by its qualities and are freed from the bond of tragedy and loss that define their lives.

This remarkable and sophisticated novel from accomplished Australian author Su Dharmapala tells a generous, rich and intricate story which traverses families, continents, history and modern-day multicultural Melbourne.

Saree is a breathtaking story of beauty, oppression and freedom… and of an enduring love that can never be broken.

Su Dharmapala is social media commentator, writer and blogger. She was born in Singapore and grew up between Singapore and Sri Lanka before immigrating to Australia in 1989. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (majoring in French and German) and Bachelor of Science at Monash University in 1997. After graduating from University, Su worked in technology for some of Australia’s Fortune 500 companies. Su’s first novel, The Wedding Season, was published by Simon & Schuster Australia in 2012. She lives in Melbourne.



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