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400 Years of Dutch-Sri Lanka Relations: 1602 - 2002. Revisiting the fascinating Dutch period. Reviewed by Vijita Fernando

Anton Chekov after 100 years. Translated from original Russian to Sinhala by Dr. Palitha Ganewatta Reviewed by U. W. Wickrama

ARAVINDA DE SILVA WITH SHARIAR KHAN. Aravinda and S Khan - Reviewed by Gideon Haigh

Asura Adaviya – A novel by Jagath J Edirisinghe - Reviewed by Rasika Suriyaarachchi

Bedevil: In the same boat by Channa Wickremesekera - Reviewed by Sivamohan Sumathy

Blotted World - A Collection of poems by Palitha Ganewatta - Reviewed by U. W. Wickrama

BUDDHISM BETRAYED? Religion, Politics and Violence in Sri Lanka. Stanley Jeyaraja Tambiah - Reviewed by M. Roberts

Buddhist Fundamentalism and Minority Identities in Sri Lanka. Editors Tessa Bartholomeusz nd C. R. de Silva - Reviewed by M. Roberts
Second review by Dr. S. Gamage

Buddha’s Principle of Relativity(Based on the philosophy of Dependent Arising) By Don G. Athukorala review by Prof Carlo Fonseka - Emeritus Professor of Physiology

Caste conflict and elite formation: The rise of the Karava Elite in Sri Lanka y C. R. de Silva - Reviewed by M. Roberts

Conflict and Community in Contemporary Sri Lanka: 'Pearl of the East' or Island of Tears'; By Siri Gamage and I.B.Watson (eds). Reviewed by Richard Farrant

Customs and Cultures of Sri Lanka by G. Amirthalingam, Reviewed by Mr. R. Canagaratnam

Demons and Development: The Struggle for Community in a Sri Lankan Village. James Brow - Reviewed by M. Roberts

Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje. A poet charts the novel for our new century - Reviewed by Ernest MacIntyre

Duruthu Sihinaya – A Novel by Saman Mahanama Dissanayake - Reviewed by Rasika Suriyaarachchi

Essaying Cricket (Sri Lanka and Beyond) Nigel Kerner reviews the book by Dr. Michael Roberts. Published by Vijita Yappa. November 2006

Friends - Author:Sanjiva Wijesinha (Vijitha Yapa Publications) reveiwed by Capt Elmo Jayawardena

Galle : As Quiet As Asleep - reviewed by Joe Simpson, April 2006.

Gimhana Sulanga (Wind of Summer) by Jagath J Edirisinghe reviewed by Rasika Suriyaarachchi

‘I-ing’ and ‘My-ing’   by Palitha Manchanayake- Published by Buddhist Cultural Centre, Nedimala, Dehiwaa, reveiewed by D.B. Kuruppu

Images of British Ceylon: 19th Century Photography of Sri Lanka. By Ismeth Raheem and Percy Colin Thome

In the Line of Duty: Dr Gamini Goonetilleke's brilliant book reviewed by Nanda Pethiyagoda

Le Huru Suvanda (In Sinhala) Dr. Palitha Ganewatta, - reviewed by Dr. Siri Gamage, University of New England.

Living with your heart By Dr Harold Gunatillake, 2008 Published by Vijitha Yapa's, Colombo, Reviewed by Victor Melder

Masterpiece and Other Stories By Yasmine Gooneratne AO, Reviewed by Meenakshi Mukherjee.

Men And Monuments, Author: D.T. Devendra, Publisher: Central Cultural Fund. Reviewed by Dr. Vernon L. B. Mendis.

One more Sunrise - by Maurice Perera, Athena Press, London (2003) 134 pages Reviewed by Dr Jehan Perera

O Father Mine by Erin Kelaart (Published by A&A Book Publishing Pty.Ltd. Sydney NSW 2006) RRP $29.95. Reviewed by Doug Jones.

Peoples of the Buddhist World by Paul Hattaway, Piquant Editions, Carlisle, 2004. Reviewed by Allen Carr

PIYASENAHASA, For Love of the Father) by Annette Gunasekera, Reviewed by Dr Piyasoma Medis

Raja Saha Ghatakaya - an exceptional novel reviewed by Chand R. Sirimanne

Randenigala Walawwa by Saman Dissanayake; reviewed by Hiran Kulatilake

Regeneration: A Reappraisal of Photography in Ceylon 1850 - 1900. by John Falconer with Ismeth Raheem - Double review by Boyle

Sammana Sandama, A Sinhala Anthology of Nobel Prize Winners Short Stories by Milton Fernando. Reviewed by Imtiaz Issadeen

SAREE, The stunning new novel by Su Dharmapala; reveiwed by Eresha De Zoysa

Sinhala-ness and Sinhala Nationalism. Dr. M. Roberts - Reviewed by Lionel Bopage

Spirit of Palmyrah (The History of Jaffna) - Reviews by Shyamala Devi Karunakharan

Sri Lanka's civil war up close & personal -Reviewed by Deepak Narayanan

SRI LANKA: THIRD WORLD DEMOCRACY. James Jupp - Reviewed by M. Roberts

Surangana Kumariya (Fairy Princes) by Saman Dissanayake; published by Dayawansa Jayakody; Reviewed by Rasika Suriyaarachchi

The Burghers and the Middle Class in the Transformations Within Sri Lanka. M. Roberts, I Raheem and P. Colin-Thome - Reviewed by Rogers

The CocosIslands Mutiny, by Noel Crusz; Freemantle, Reviewed by Douglas Jones

The Diversity of Sri Lankan Wildlife by Jayantha Jayewardene, Reviewed by Amali Senanayake

The Healer & the Drug Pusher by Daya Dissanayake, Reviewed by Lyn Ockersz

The Palm of His Hand, by E.C.T.Candappa. Reviewed by Douglas Jones

The Sweet & Simple Kind By Yasmine Gooneratne. Reviewed by Carl Muller Perera-Hussein Publishing House 648 pp., AUD 34.50.

The Villawood Express and other stories By Samantha Sirimanne Hyde. Reviewed by Angeline Singam Lye

The Work of Kings. The new Buddhism in Sri Lanka, by H. L. Seneviratne- Reviewed by M. Roberts

Then You'll Remember me - by Cherise Pereira (nee Van Eyck). Reviewed by Carol Aloysius

"Thirst" - a Parable for Modern Times Daya Dissanayake - reviewied by Priyanthi Wickramasuriya

'Tigers Don’t Confess'- a novel by Visakesa Chandrasekaram;reviewed by Harshini de Alwis; Published by Frog Books of India

"Tread Lightly on the Earth" by Justice Christopher Weeramantry - reviewed by Capt Elmo Jayawardena  

Viragee Vilasini - the Milton Fernando; translation of the Egyptian Novel- Woman At Point Zero (Emra'a enda noktat el sifr)

White Mask: A Collection of New Australian Poetry by Sunil Govinnage.

Women prior to British rule in Sri Lanka. Reviewed by: Sirima Kiribamune

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