Hello and welcome to the Ozlanka Events Entry section. Before you proceed, please read the brief introduction below.

At a minimum you must please provide:

    • Name of organisation holding the event
    • Event name
    • Venue, Date and Time
    • Cost (If Free please state)
    • Event Contact name and phone number

  • The banner for your event must be PORTRAIT shape, in JPG format around 680 tall x 475 wide (pixels)

  • We accept NSW and ACT events from Sri Lankan related organisations.

  • If you submit multiple events, we will allow only two on line at any given time.

  • Free Image banners are provided for not for profit organisations only.
    We require all other events to make a donation of A$100 to a charity that we will nominate.

  • For FOOD PACKET SALE EVENTS you need to provide a valid NSW Catering license.

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