Ozlanka does not monitor these sites and is not responsible for the contents of these sites. If you have any issues with the contents contact the site operators directly. We do not respond to emails regarding these sites. Updates can only be done when information is received from the organisations directly. We thank you for your understanding.


CNO (new site) Centre for National Operations, Presidential Secretariat, Colombo
Colombo School Links Hyperlink from here to most major Schools in Sri Lanka. Mostly Colombo Schools at the present. We are happy to add as many schools as possible. If you know of any links please email us.
Community Organisations Several of the main community groups are here. We try to bring you links to as many as possible. It is virtually impossible for us to keep currentl with changing web addresses and many sites are shutting down due to the cost of maintaining the website.
Ceylon Baithul Mal Fund The oldest and largest Muslim Charity Fund in Sri Lanka. This organisation is unique in that it has been in operation over 52 years and provides any visitor with full audit reports of its financial statements for the same period. All reports are in their library for persual on site.
Embassies in Colombo The contact details of nearly all Foreign Missions in Colombo. Some missions have shut their websites and transferred them back to their home countries in an attempt to reduce the cost of maintaining web pages.
Hospitals in Colombo Telephone numbers and suburbs of the main hospitals.
International Schools in Colombo. An extension of the main Schools page.
Lankan Embassies Overseas Sri Lankan diplomatic missions in other countries. Here again, each mission is responsible for their own web pages and the cost of same. Some missions have very good web sites with a lot of information and downloadable application forms.
Lankan Hotels Link The NEW list of hotels in Sri Lanka are here. You can select any country and the hotels that have websites will come up. Also hotels that do not host sites are noted with contact Fax and Tel numbers.
Lanka Government Link Links you to the Sri Lankan Goverment's own webpage. The Govt. maintains this site, but updates are few and far between.
Lankan Foreign Ministry Link Links you to the information page of the Foreign Minister's department
Lanka Information Department Links to the main news page of the Sri Lankan Govt. Updates are not that frequent.
Lankan Universities Tertiary Educational Institutions in Sri Lanka. Most university sites are of good quality and are well maintained, no doubt due to the availability of in-house web engineers.
Lankan Yellow Pages Vast product and business database. A commercial site that is maintained in a reasonable manner. Product search is limited and the product listing is not available like in the Australian Yellow Pages.
Sri Lanka Motor Racing E-News For all you motor racing fans, promises to be a one stop news source for everything connected with Sri Lankan motor racing. for news and views for the standpoint of the Sri Lankan Tamil Community. We do not monitor this site and/or its contents



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