Vitamin C and heart disease

By Dr Harold Gunatillake - Health Writer

It was Linus Pauling – two times Nobel laureate who spoke about Vitamin C link to heart disease. He pointed out that vitamin C has a role in the manufacture of collagen, the protein that gives shape to connective tissues and strength to skin and blood vessels .He states that one requires high levels of Vitamin C in the diet in order to manufacture the vast amounts of collagen required for the maintenance of blood vessels.
He said that animals make their own vitamin C and the humans have to take it.

He mentions about 'lipoprotein –a' causing cardiovascular disease and a major component of the plaques found in blood vessels.

He observed that animal's lipoprotein-a level in the blood is very low due to inherent manufacture of vitamin C, preventing the formation of plaques.
So he propounded that people should take large doses of vitamin C typically 10-12 grams a day.

Pauling's studies asserts that lipoprotein-a is a surrogate for vitamin C (DR Matthias repeats the same words), and can penetrate the weak and watery blood vessel wall due to lack of collagen. Lipoprotein-a is a cholesterol which penetrates the cracked walls to patch up the blood vessels.

Matthias talks about the sailors in the past bleeding from blood vessels due to lack of vitamin C as they did not consume enough fruits. That is true because vitamin C is not manufactured in our liver.

But the fact remains that they never got heart disease- not mentioned in history.

Heart disease was discovered by Ancell Key in 1950, after observing in seven countries of a new disease, he calls "heart disease" due to high saturated fat consumption. He, too faked his results and was condemned after his death.

Heart disease is a multifactorial disease due to many risk factors, such as smoking, obesity, genetic factors, stress and high cholesterol in blood was also considered a major factor.

It is true that the drug companies made it the frightening factor to increase their sales.

The propaganda has such an impact on the humans that if you ask most people in Sri Lanka how they are keeping. Most depressingly, will say." I am not well because my doctor said I have high cholesterol"

So, cholesterol became a disease without symptoms, and I must admit that the medical fraternity created it for personal gains.

Don't get carried away. Do the right things for well-being and longevity. I write about it all the time through articles published in papers, magazines and website, and also through my Health Newsletter.

Nobody seems to be reading, when I listen to some of my readers when I meet at social gatherings.
Dr Matthias's You tube has excited everybody and talks about a 'breakthrough' what was propounded in the nineteen twenties and disproved subsequently. So, life goes on.

Interesting & logical presentation. Please take the time to listen to Dr. Matthias Rath.

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