Natural sugars in fruits can create uncomfortable bloating.

By Dr Harold Gunatillake - Health Writer

Eating fruits daily are good for you- with high antioxidants to rid those toxic free radicals formed in your body. But all fruits have a natural sugar called sorbitol, and if your gut cannot digest it may cause uncomfortable bloating, belly pain or have diarrhoea, gas or nausea. So next time when you eat fruits like apples, blue berries, plums, dried date, peaches and raisins, dried fruits, be aware what gut problems you can have, though fruits are good for you.

Watermelon, a fruit containing fructose and plenty of water is a God-given fruit when you travel in the dry zone areas in Sri Lanka. It is traditional to stop on the way and enjoy a couple of slices of water melon that refreshes you instantly.

The body can have trouble digesting it, so you might get gas. If you are diabetic you are advised to restrict eating water melon because for some reason or other the glycaemic index is over 80.

Cooked potatoes though nutritious can cause gut bloating,
Mushrooms have a natural sugar called mannitol that can give a bloated gut and too much of it can cause diarrhoea.
Those nutritious peas have a chain of sugars called galacto-oligosaccharides that feeds gut bacteria and cause gas.

Sweeteners and Processed Foods:
Whenever you see the words sugar-free or good for diabetics on the food label, it may contain sorbitol. Check the ingredient list of sugar-free candies, diabetic chocolates, chewing gums or sugar free ice creams and similar products. The sweetness is caused by adding sorbitol, or similar ingredients that can release sorbitol.

So, remember next time you get an abdo' excessive gaseous distention think of the fruits and be-vergers you have consumed.

Also remember eating too many fruits daily can cause 'non-alcoholic fatty livers' from the high fructose content, which is metabolized and the excess stored in the liver.

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