Foods & Drugs hurting your kidneys

By Dr Harold Gunatillake - Health Writer

If your kidneys don’t function well do not eat too much of high protein food. creatine in your food is broken down to a waste product called creatinine. Kidneys may not be able to clear the excess blood creatinine. Eat small portions of different types of protein, Eggs, fish, beans and nuts are better sources than red meat.

If you suffer from chronic kidney disease cut down on your salt in food. Salt raises the blood pressure and damages the kidneys further. Also, damaged kidneys can raise your blood pressure, too. Too much salt can cause kidney stones.

Just one drink of alcohol will not hurt your kidneys. Heavy drinking can cause kidney damage. Diet sodas can hurt your kidneys

Like your car needs petrol, your kidneys need water to flush and work properly. When the colour of your urine is slightly amber, you are consuming enough water. If you drink less water your urine gets dark in colour like plain tea colour and you pass less. Drinking too much of water also burdens your kidneys and cause damage

Some over the counter drugs like Panadol, aspirin and brufen, cocaine, steroids (testosterone), heroin can cause kidney damage, using daily long term for pain. Statins also can cause kidney damage. Heartburn drugs like proton pump inhibitors taken to reduce stomach acid, for long periods can damage your kidney

When you get repeated attacks of sore throat due to streptococcal infection, the body makes antibodies to fight the bacteria. These antibodies can settle down in the kidneys and make them inflamed.

Too long work outs can damage your muscles and cause a condition called rhabdomyolysis. Muscle tissue breakdown products can hurt your kidneys.

If you suffer from diabetes you need to control your blood sugar to safeguard your kidneys.

When kidneys are damaged due to neglect ultimately your waste products and fluid build-up in your body. That causes water-logging which is revealed by ankle swelling (pitting oedema), vomiting, weakness, poor sleep and finally shortness of breath. Without proper care, your kidneys can stop working needing dialysis.

Look after your kidneys just the way you look after heart-health.

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