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by Dr. Harold Gunatillake (MBBS, FRCS)

  1. Fats, Cholestrols, Eggs & Obesity
  2. Are Poly-Unsaturated fats good for you?
  3. Butter, margarine and transfats
  4. Women with large breasts.
  5. How to live longer and better
  6. Heathly Foods.
  7. Losing Hair
  8. Cooking Oils
  9. Knowing your “C Reactive Protein”
  10. Is Cholesterol the culprit?
  11. Knowing about Atherosclerosis
  12. Insulin Stimulators & knowing diabetes type2
  13. Dizzy spells (Vertigo)
  14. Power and Goodness of Carrots
  15. Healthy weight and obesity
  16. Diabetes and its problems
  17. Is wine good for the health?
  18. Power of Coenzyme Q10
  19. Great News on Vitamin D
  20. Dilemma of Prostrate Cancer
  21. Lead Poisoning that you should be aware of
  22. Dengue is linked to Poverty More than a Mosquito
  23. Brain Tumors and Mobile Telephones
  24. Taking Low dose of Aspirin is a Healthy Idea
  25. Alzheimer’s disease
  26. Healing Powers of Chicken Soup
  27. Sciatica
  28. "Ketone Bodies" a trendy word
  29. Diabetic Kidneys
  30. Do we need Iron in our Body?
  31. Lower Your Serum Cholesterol With Plant Sterols
  32. Should you take Statins or not, that is the question?
  33. A Positive Boost for Coconut Oil
  34. Knowing about Parkinson’s disease
  35. Eating Crabs for Health
  36. Silent Killer High Blood Pressure
  37. How Did Coconut Oil Reverse Alzheimer's Disease?
  38. Does Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease?
  39. Brown Rice, White Rice and Rice hulling process
  40. Bladder Cancer
  41. Wealthy Peoples’ Disease-Gout-foods you must eat
  42. Avocado the rich man's butter
  43. Artificial Sweeteners- are they good for you?
  44. Knowing about Heart Burn
  45. Health Benefits of eating Fish
  46. Health Benefits of eating Crabs
  47. Be Your Own Doctor For Diabetes Type 2
  48. Ulcerative Colitis
  49. Antioxidants and their benefits
  50. Apples Work Magic On Bad Cholesterol
  51. Is Living with Germs un-Healthy?
  52. Cancer Cells love Sugar?
  53. Lipid Disorder
  54. Polyphenols "Lifespan Essentials"
  55. Dancing for Health & Pleasure
  56. Dilemma with Cholesterol
  57. Health Benefits Of Sesame Oil; Queen of Oils
  58. Carotid Artery Narrowing Due To Plaque Formation
  59. Stent types Compared For Efficacy
  60. Pineapple For Arthritis Relief
  61. Why You Should Eat High Fibre Foods
  62. Magnesium Factor
  63. The dilemma of Cholestrol (Statins)
  64. Know Your Joints And Glucosamine
  65. Goodness Of Oats
  66. Lowering High Blood Pressure
  67. Valve Leakage In The Heart
  68. Goodness Of Cashew (Cadju) Nuts
  69. Chemical Additives In Our Food
  70. Back Pain
  71. Benefits Of Passion Fruit
  72. Foods 'Lectin' Containing Can Cause Harmful
  73. Dont Make 'God Given' Coconut Oil Another Fad
  74. What Causes Vulnerable Plaque?
  75. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and FODMAP for relief
  76. Almonds And Cashew Nuts Similar Health Benefits
  77. Deep Vein Thrombosis And Air Travel
  78. Our Kidneys
  79. Too Many Cooking Oils Not So Many Cooks
  80. Ebola: Killing Thousands
  81. Are you taking enough Calcium?
  82. Barramundi the “Super Food”
  83. Delayed Treatment May Worsen Sciatica
  84. Telomeres And Ageing
  85. Knowing About Parkinson's Disease
  86. Should You Eat White Bread?
  87. What Do Kidneys Do To You?
  88. Foods to avoid when You Have Heartburn
  89. Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken
  90. Getting Rid Of Your Belly Fat
  91. When You Get Cramping And Bloating
  92. Artificial Sweeteners: Obesity And Diabetes
  93. What Are Dietary Fats?
  94. Let's Talk About Fatty Livers
  95. The Misunderstood Eggplant
  96. What is Glucagon
  97. Healthful Benefits Of Yoghurt
  98. Fatty Acids And Diabetes
  99. Angiogenesis And Cancer
  100. Red Hot Chillies - Alluring Health Benefits
  101. A Glass of Wine is healthy
  102. IBS And Low FODMAP Diet
  103. Are You A Vitamin Junky?
  104. Goodness of Kurakkan
  105. Diverticular disease
  106. Digestive Benefits Of Fermented Foods
  107. Why Are Many Diabetics Careless Of The Disease?
  108. Zinc Is A Star
  109. Dietary Fibre An Important Part Of Healthy Life
  110. Sugar – Probable Cause Of Most Diseases
  1. How Much You Know About 'Triglycerides'?
  2. Fish Oils Relieve Arthritic Pains?
  3. Functions Of The Liver In Diabetes
  4. CRP Blood Test For Peace Of Mind
  5. How can we help Parkinson’s disease (PD) victims?
  6. Let’s talk about our daily Bread Wheat
  7. Metabolic Syndrome
  8. Dilemma of Statins
  9. Farewell to Trans Fats
  10. Prostate Cancer – Updates On New Drugs etc
  11. Enjoy A Light Beer On A Hot Day
  12. Do Soy based foods have health benefits as recommended?
  13. Gut Participation In Metabolism
  14. Blood Pressure Normal To Keep Your Brain Function
  15. Spicy Foods put Spice into your life
  16. Organic Foods The Way To Go
  17. Chemicals In Nature's Food
  18. Vitamins And Supplements For Cancer Patients
  19. Your Friendly Gut Bacteria
  20. Why Eat Cheese
  21. What Are Gluten-Free Foods And Their Benefits?
  22. Why is Stroke so common in Sri Lanka?
  23. Cutting Down Meat=Cutting Down Unhealthy Fat
  24. Drinking Green Tea Beneficial To Health?
  25. Exercise And Diet Alone Can Control Type 2 Diabetes
  26. Vitamin C and heart disease
  27. What Should You Do As You Wake Up In the morning
  28. Potassium Could Be A Life-Saver Or A Killer
  29. Do You Get Your Vitamin B12 Checked?
  30. Gut Bugs in relation to disease
  31. Losing balance is quite common with age
  32. Dilemma Of Cholesterol And Saturated Fat
  33. The Dangers Of Soya For Ladies
  34. Handle Food Safely
  35. Eating Fried Food And Heart Disease
  36. White Rice; slower digestion & lower calories/li>
  37. Spicy Food Puts Spice Into Your Life
  38. What Your Pulse Tells You
  39. Obesity And Over-
  40. Blame Soluble Sugars, Not Saturated Fats
  41. What Happens To The Food You Eat?
  42. Take Care Of Your Boarders
  43. Preventing Brain Haemorrhage
  44. How Healthy Are Beans?
  45. How to cope with Positional Vertigo
  46. Why don't Pharmacies in SL stock Vitamin B12?
  47. What Are Angiotensin Inhibitors And Blockers?
  48. What is a well-balanced diet?
  49. Natural sugars in fruits
  50. Should you take fish oil capsules
  51. Porridge for breakfast is sensible
  52. Vitamin C needs of our bodies
  53. Gluten Intolerance And Sensitivity
  54. How much water should you drink a day
  55. Cheese: Bursting With Calcium
  56. Why do your legs swell?
  57. Alcoholic Drinks When Having Diabetes
  58. Differentiate between a heart attack & heart burn?
  59. Bacon And Eggs For Longevity
  60. Vegans are disadvantaged Vitamin A deficiency
  61. Why Do We Need Food When We Are Hungry?
  62. Should We Eat More Bananas?
  63. Drugs That Cause Bone Softening (Osteoporosis)
  64. Minimise your processed red meat eating-WHY?
  65. Spontaneous Spinning (Vertigo) for no cause
  66. Foods that can cause heartburn
  67. Health tip for the Ladies
  68. Eating Beetroot lowers your Blood Pressure
  69. Know Your Milk You Drink!
  70. Foods & Drugs hurting your kidneys
  71. Dilemma of the PSA test to detect Prostatic Cancer
  72. Nocturnal pains in the stomach
  73. How do you know you are deficient in Vitamin B12?
  74. Dietary Fibre and Whole grains
  75. Alcohol does have health benefits
  76. Know your parathyroid glands
  77. Acrylamide A Poison In Our Food
  78. What is Nitric Oxide?
  79. What do you know about your Gall Bladder?
  80. Looking after your Diabetes to prevent complications
  81. Most people are dehydrated without knowing
  82. Significance of High Blood Pressure
  83. Knowing your heart rate
  84. Cholesterol & how you could control blood levels
  85. 5 to 10 minutes to each patient and they walk out clueless!
  86. Can we reverse diabetes?
  87. What is the best predictor of a heart attack?
  88. Milk- essential for life
  89. Feeling Bloated
  90. Eating Red Meat is bad news
  91. Insulin Resistance
  92. Prevent a hang-over after heavy drinking
  93. A better way to check your diabetes
  94. Do you know what Acrylamide is?
  95. The problem with metformin
  96. The truth about your blood cholesterol
  97. High Fibre Foods
  98. Recurrent nonspecific backaches
  99. A better way to check your diabetes
  100. My experience growing ‘Karapuncha’
  101. A diet that makes you slim
  102. What is the difference between vitamin D2 and D3?
  103. Are you dehydrated?



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