Losing balance is quite common with age

By Dr Harold Gunatillake - Health Writer

Since of late, I observe that some of our friends and colleagues are walking with the aid of a walking stick, and others without, all complaining about difficulty in controlling ones balance and posture at rest and on walking.

Your balance begins to deteriorate from the age of 40. Regardless of your age, if you can't stand steadily on one leg for at least 15 seconds — with or without your eyes closed — then you definitely need to start practicing as soon  as possible to improve your balance.

These steps will help you to minimise such occurrences and end up in hospital with injuries.

Step 1. Stand on one foot for 15 sec. and then with the other one for 15 sec. eyes closed. At the beginning you may need support-holding on to a chair or standing against the wall or table.

Step 2. With steady balancing on one foot extend your leg back and stand for 5 sec. Proceed with the other leg

Step 3 Treadmill slow walk
Those who exercise on a treadmill can walk at low speed without support on the hand bars, swinging your handsas in normal walking

Grab a towel with your toes.
Place a towel on the floor and practice grabbing it with the toes of both of your feet, alternately, while both sitting and standing.Stand on a cushion.
Try using cushions or pillows of varying firmness, and stand on them with your legs alternately together and apart.

Walk backwards.
 Try walking backwards along a wall or a kitchen counter without looking back, using the wall or counter to steady yourself infrequently.

Exercise daily- don’t say you have no time

Medications:Vitamin D: Vitamin B12: Omega 3 fish oil: Magnesium:  Anti-inflammatory drug, Physiotherapy

Further advice from your family doctor

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