Do spices cause cirrhosis of the liver?

By Dr Harold Gunatillake - Health Writer

Some spices like red chillies (also called cayenne pepper) and garam masala produce heat in the body. That would stimulate your body metabolism (50%) to produce more heat. During winter months eating chillies and spices would keep you warm. They have zero calories. Chillies are rich in vitamin C, and loaded with antioxidants, protecting against cancer.

Those who eat chillies daily may not get prostate problems. Besides, if you have liver problems, these spices are difficult to digest. However, just by themselves these spices do not cause any damage to the liver. But if you are already suffering from a liver related disease like non-alcoholic or alcoholic fatty liver, you should avoid these spices.

I have been eating two chillies twice a day with lunch and dinner. Previously, I used to relish English mustard, or other sauces with added chillies. Now I eat only chillies and not the sauces, or English mustard, and I am quite pleased with the change, and more money in the pocket, too.
My liver functions are normal so far.

People in Kerala and South India eat lot of chillies in their food. For them, a dish lacking in spice including chillies is unfathomable. Though they eat so much of chillies raw or in grounded form, liver problems are not that significant to figures compared with Western countries.

Eating hot chillies will have its bad side effects for some individuals. Gastritis, stomach ulcers and heart burn (GERD) would be the early issues. Those who eat less chillies with their food do not cause gastritis, unless your gastric lining is hypersensitive to chillies. Some people react with swelling and flushing of the face, accompanied with sweating. For most Asian people there are no issues eating spicy food including chilies, and the stimulation from them makes them feel more satisfying and active.

It is observed that when non-Asians though traditionally don’t eat chillies, when accustomed to, especially the ones that travel to Asian countries, demand for stronger curries with spices and chilies, and their enjoyment would be pleasing to watch.

While we say that some Indian spices are good for the liver, it does not mean you must overdose on them. Everything is healthy provided it is eaten in moderation. 

People who eat hot chili peppers may be more likely to live longer, a new study suggests. In the study, researchers found that eating these peppers was associated with a 12 percent lower risk of death, particularly from heart problems or stroke, over the 19-year study period.

Extract from an article subject “You Live Longer” by Stephanie Bucklin, Live Science Contributor writes: The researchers found that, after a median follow-up period of nearly 19 years, 22 percent of the people in the study who reported eating hot red chili peppers had died, compared with 34 percent of those who did not report eating the peppers, according to the findings published on Jan. 9 in the journal PLOS ONE.

An earlier study from China reported similar findings linking chili peppers to a lower risk of death, said Mustafa Chopan, a medical student at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont and the lead author of the study. The new results suggest that the association between the consumption of hot red chili peppers and lower mortality holds up in a Western population, he said.

Turmeric is a spice considered as a superfood ingredient today. It is good for arthritic problems. Hot milk mixed with turmeric and coconut oil, and a bit of honey is a favourite drink in India. It is called, “Golden Latte”.  it was used to treat respiratory conditions or as a topical application to soothe or heal the skin. Many today use it mixed with milk or water to ease a sore throat or an upset stomach.

Therefore, the conclusion is that liver diseases are not caused by spicy food as such. But when one has liver problems, some spices should be avoided. Chillies are supposed to bring down blood cholesterol, triglycerides and reduce platelet aggregation. So, eating chillies daily may be beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

If you are on blood thinning medication it is advised to reduce intake of chillies. Hope this article was useful.

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