'For Lanka' Charity Dinner - 3rd August

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This annual event, now an integral part of the NSW Sri Lankan community events calendar, is a genuine fund raiser to aid hospitals in Sri Lanka.

The organisers led by Timothy Ching saw an urgent need to provide Wheelchairs to hospitals in Sri Lanka that were caring for seriously ill cancer patients.

A few years ago, Timothy shared his observations with me of a visit to the Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Maharagama, in Sri Lanka, where he saw a patient who had to crawl from the street to the hospital as there was no wheelchair for the patient. He was deeply disturbed by what he saw.

On his return to Sydney he got together with a group of like minded good samaritans and organised the first For Lanka charity dinner. The event was an immediate sell out and the best of the best attended to show their whole hearted support to help thoses less fortunate in the Motherland. The entire proceeds were used to buy wheelchairs for the Apeksha Cancer Hospital.

Ozlanka published photos from the hand over ceremony a couple of years ago. This photo is from 2017.

The main organisers fo the For Lanka event had a goal to provide 100 wheelchairs as a start, Timothy Ching, Neil Horadagoda, Pushpa and Dulip de Silva took the lead in this project.

With their whole hearted efforts and the support of the community, they surpassed that goal and in fact, donated 128 wheelchairs so far to the Cancer Hospital and eight other Cancer Treatment Centres across Sri Lanka. The total value of these donations exceeded A$10,000.

As the Fund Raising campaign gained recognition, more projects were taken on. The group went on to renovate and upgrade Ward 13 at the Cancer Hospital as well as the female patients' facility and dining room, spending more than A$ 5,000 on these works. Several other donations were also made which saw this total exceeded.

Some of the other donations which are well worth a mention are the three Morphine Infusers, at a cost of A$ 2,000 each, to the Palliative Care Unit. This infuser is used in pain reduction and were the very first of their kind to be introduced to the Cancer Hospital.

For the comfort of the patients, thirty air mattresses valued at A$ 3,000 have been donated.

Their target this year is to provide twelve Morphine Infusers to the Cancer treatment hospitals in Sri Lanka.

The event on August 3rd is your way of showing support for this worthwhile target to provide support and assistance to our Motherland.

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