SL2College advancing the Sri Lankan tradition of free education by assisting thousands of students in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of few countries in the world to provide free education to its people. It is therefore no surprise that Sri Lanka is able to proudly declare such a high literacy rate and have so many students pursue higher education. Over the past few years, the number of higher education options available to students has increased greatly. However, a student still has to consider various factors and face many challenges, such as the lack of seats in local public universities, and the lack of accurate information and guidance available to students.

In 2005, SL2College was created to provide a platform that gave students access to free, accurate, in-depth and unbiased information regarding many aspects of higher education in Sri Lanka and overseas. This goal has been achieved through many services provided on/around the website: . Some of its services include a forum on the website, mentor program, information seminars at local universities and schools, exhibitions, internship postings, weekly articles in the Sunday Observer, and much more.

SL2College may be the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Today, it is a leading non profit organization, consisting of a global community of past and present Sri Lankan graduate students, faculty members and entrepreneurs from many countries, including USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. They have diverse backgrounds and many of them have high school and undergraduate experience from Sri Lanka. They share their own experiences so that Sri Lankan students who plan to pursue higher education can learn about the best local and foreign choices available to them.

SL2College is proud of its successes in being able to reach out and assist thousands of students in Sri Lanka and making them realise that it is possible to achieve their dreams.

SL2College is only as strong as its volunteer member base and is therefore encouraging more Sri Lankan students and professionals to join the organisation. We all know that Sri Lankan students have much potential; now, through SL2College we can all work together to give back to the country we all call home.

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